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Claritas Mindscienes has assembled a top-notch team with deep experience in direct to consumer and b2b commercialization, product and technology development, addiction management and neuroscience, and mindfulness. It is with these highly interdependent, highly functioning parts that Claritas Mindsciences can mindfully bring creative and effective precision behavioral health ‘and evidence based digital therapeutic products to market. We are focused on delighting our customers, clients & partners.

 Judson Brewer MD PhD


Judson is a thought leader in the “science of self-mastery,” with 15 years of experience in mindfulness training. He has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, spoken at international conferences, and his work has been featured at TEDx, Time magazine , Forbes, BBC, NPR, and others.

Andrew Hopper


Andrew is a visionary business strategist and full stack technical architect with the ability to weave together technology, business, creative, and marketing to achieve unrivaled results. He is a dynamic and decisive leader recognized for fantastic communication skills and ability to relate.

Kara Nance


Double board certified in Internal Medicine and Bariatric Medicine. Combines her strong science background in traditional western medicine with a variety of health and wellness strategies. Currently runs a mindfulness based weight management and internal medicine practice that has data on hundreds of patients collected in a structured format.